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The ExSalt fresh water brake flushing kit and salt-away reduces maintenance costs and improves performance. Simply connect the hose system to your trailer and the connecting piece to a mudguard (or other accessible point). By attaching a hose pipe you can easily flush fresh water through the drums and remove unwanted salt deposits on the braking system and springs.

  • Description

    ExSalt boat trailer accessories will halt the corrosion of your trailer parts. This specifically designed flushing system with multiple adjustable spray nozzles will suit all trailers. THE PROBLEM

    • The corrosive power of salt water and its corrosion effect on your boat trailer parts is no longer necessary.
    • ExSalt, used correctly with our salt-attack mixer and salt-away will virtually STOP RUSTING.
    • Whenever you launch your boat trailer in the sea, the trailer parts, wheel and hubs are submerged, filling them with salt water.
    • Once you have pulled your boat trailer out and the hubs drain, the trailer parts inside are left in the perfect conditions for accelerated corrosion.
    • Left unchecked this very quickly eats away at the trailer parts and brakes causing extensive damage which will inevitably render your trailer unfit to drive and costly to repair.
    • Ignoring the problem only allows the salt water to RUST your trailer parts. Towing a trailer with damaged brakes is illegal and highly dangerous.
    • ExSalt is an inexpensive, effortless and NEW alternative to flush away the SALT from your boat trailer.
    • ExSalt is innovative, easy to install, and specifically designed with multiple (adjustable) spray nozzles.
    • ExSalt was designed with firsthand experience of the corrosion salt water can cause and guarantees to extend the life of your boat trailer, conserve your time, and save you money on maintenance and repairs.

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