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Salt-Away is an engine flush for inboard, outboard, I/O and personal watercraft engines, and an exterior salt removing treatment for any surface where salt corrosion and build-up is a problem. Mixed with water, Salt-Away washes away the salt and if not raised off, leaves a protective film on the surface to prevent rusting and corroding, and protects it against future salt corrosion. It is easy to apply by using Salt-Away's special Mixing Unit for bigger jobs or the ready-to-use spray bottles for smaller jobs. Items also may be immersed in a mixture of Salt-Away and fresh water and no rusting or corrosion will occur while immersed. For detailed information, please go to www.SaltAwayProducts.com. Designed for the industrial user and commercial applications: Commercial vehicles Commercial boats Marina use Commercial cleaning (beach resorts, apartments) Navy, Air Force Part Number: Salt-Away Mixing Unit. Dispenses the Concentrate at a dilution ratio of 512 parts water to 1 part Concentrate. 1 Ltr Concentrate makes 512 Litres salt remove solution. 18.92L industrial container makes almost 10,000 Litres of salt remover solution.

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