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  • Salt-Away

    Salt-Away is the most concentrated; Just 40mls is all you need to clean your boat, motor, trailer and all your fishing gear. Salt-Away, unlike some competitor products available is completely safe on all metals (including magnesium alloy), rubber and plastics, so won't harm your marine equipment.

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  • Salt-Attack

    Salt-Attack Multi Function Engine Flush & Spray Gun, Collapsible Flush Bags, and Salt Attack Washcoat a powerful wash that removes road film and salt build up.

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  • Fuel Treatment

    Diesel is an organic fuel and therefore a food to microscopic fungi, yeast and bacteria. There is water for germination, carbon for food, oxygen and sulphur for respiration, and trace elements for growth. There are many families of fungi, bacteria and yeasts that can contaminate diesel fuel. As they grow, they form sludges, slimes and films, that can bring your engine to a screaming halt!

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  • Mothers Boat Care

    Regular maintenance with quality Mothers® Marine Care products is an essential part of keeping your vessel looking like new.

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  • Corrosion Prevention

    Bullfrog RustBlocker Strips, Cups and Shields contain metal seeking VpCIs that will migrate throughout the space to form an invisible "Molecular Umbrella" of electrochemical inhibitors that seal metals against the air and moisture that cause rust and corrosion.

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